econrg: NRG's Environmental Stewardship Initiative

econrg: NRG's Environmental Stewardship Initiative

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Thursday, December 27, 2018 - 9:45am

CAMPAIGN: NRG Energy | 2017 Sustainability Report


Learn more in the 2017 Sustainability Report

econrg® promotes ecological stewardship among our plant employees with initiatives aimed at improving environmental awareness and education.

In 2017, NRG plant employees participated in 191 voluntary econrg projects and NRG facilities donated $75,325 to benefit the environment. These projects and initiatives focused on the following areas:

  • Biodiversity: 24 projects included trout stream habitat enhancement, peregrine falcon chick banding, building an osprey nesting platform, humane bird abatement, stocking native fish in local rivers, and conducting migratory bird and reptile surveys
  • Water use: 10 projects will save approximately 401 million gallons annually by reclaiming water, increasing total dissolved solids tolerances, making chemical treatment improvements, increasing pump efficiencies, educating employees on water-saving practices and collecting rainwater
  • Emission reduction: 10 projects were aimed at reducing the consumption of natural resources by purchasing electric vehicles for employee commutes and installing LED lighting, high-efficiency variable speed drives, solar panels in remote areas and motion sensor lighting
  • Environmental stewardship: 70 projects (included beach cleanups, equipment donations, science fairs, in-kind technical support and fundraisers for college scholarships)
  • Environmental initiative: 26 projects
  • Operational efficiency: 20 projects
  • Waste management: 31 projects
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