Ecolab is Tackling Global Water Challenges, Sustainably.

Sep 25, 2014 9:00 AM ET

Ecolab 2013 Corporate Sustainability Report Summary

H2O: a precise combination of elements that make up the universal solvent. An essential formula for all aspects of life.

From food and energy production to industry and transportation, freshwater is relied upon as one of our most precious natural resources. Without water of sufficient quality, businesses cannot grow, economies cannot prosper and communities cannot thrive.

The growing scarcity of freshwater is a looming crisis that poses serious economic, social and environmental risks. With operations and customers in many of the world’s most water-stressed regions, Ecolab is increasingly concerned about the risks associated with global reliance on dwindling freshwater supplies. The company is also unwavering in its commitment to help customers and communities address these risks.


Ecolab’s formula is simple: the right combination of service, expertise and innovation to help address ever-growing water-related challenges.

The company’s global Water & Process Services business, Nalco, provides solutions for water treatment and management, process improvements and pollutant control — optimizing product quality and reducing operating costs for its customers while reducing environmental impact.  These industry-leading products, technologies and expertise are reinforced by automation programs and precise data capabilities.

As a trusted partner, Ecolab works behind the scenes in partnership with customers to help them reduce, reuse, conserve and treat water. From dairies to hotels to restaurants to hospitals to oil refineries to paper mills — and every water-intensive industry in between — Ecolab is there, helping customers do more with less water.

Ecolab’s dedicated team helps hotels and restaurants reduce water use while maintaining clean linens and sanitary kitchens. The company has reimagined beverage plant production lines to be virtually waterless. Its innovative solutions enable hospitals to focus on patient care and safety while minimizing environmental impact. Ecolab helps power and energy producers meet growing energy demand using less water in harder to-reach places, and helps companies looking to expand in emerging markets rethink their operations to achieve maximum production capacity and meet product demand with limited water resources


  • Ecolab helped an Italian brewery save 45,000 cubic meters of water and more than 39,000 Euros through the use of its 3D TRASAR Technology.
  • The company's 3D TRASAR Technology for dissolved air flotation program helped a dairy plant in Thailand reduce annual sludge production by 32 percent and chemical use by 31 percent, saving the plant $58,000.
  • In partnership with the Alliance for Water Stewardship, Ecolab field tested the beta International Water Stewardship Standard at two sites within the lower Yangtze, one of China’s most critical watersheds, to help advance global water management practices.

For more information on Ecolab’s sustainable impact and detailed customer impact highlights, see Ecolab’s 2013 Corporate Sustainability Report


A trusted partner at more than one million customer locations, Ecolab (ECL) is the global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services that protect people and vital resources. With 2013 sales of $13 billion and 45,000 associates, Ecolab delivers comprehensive solutions and on-site service to promote safe food, maintain clean environments, optimize water and energy use, and improve operational efficiencies for customers in more than 170 countries around the world.