Ecolab Food Safety Matters Webinar: February 2015

Feb 17, 2015 1:00 PM ET
Campaign: Safe Food

During this webinar, Dr. Benjamin Chapman, associate professor and Food Safety specialist at North Carolina State University, N.C. Cooperative Extension, discusses hand washing woes, the links between poor hand washing and illness, barriers to hand washing compliance and evidence-based strategies to overcome these barriers.

At North Carolina State University, Dr. Chapman investigates food handling and preparation behaviors, and creates food safety interventions aimed at food handlers, managers and decision makers. He focuses on food safety procedures for fresh produce, foodservice, retail and consumers. His group also develops messages and media to promote a culture of food safety from farm-to-fork. 

From helping to prevent cross-contamination in food processing facilities to providing sanitation and hand hygiene programs for restaurant employees, Ecolab is a global leader in keeping food safe. 

Ecolab Food Safety Matters Webinars are hosted on the third Tuesday of the month at 12 p.m. CT.