Eco Logical Australia, A Tetra Tech Company, Supports Aboriginal Trainees

Providing training in environmental conservation and cultural knowledge in Sydney, Australia
Dec 11, 2017 8:00 AM ET

Indigenous Peoples

Through the Aboriginal Riverkeeper Project, Eco Logical Australia, A Tetra Tech Company (ELA), provided training for young, First Nation Australians in Conservation and Land Management.

In this video, Vanessa Cavanagh, principal Aboriginal engagement consultant, discusses the results of the project and the importance of Aboriginal leadership in providing an example for and mentoring young, Aboriginal Australians. Vanessa is a First Nations Australian who has more than 15 years of experience in Aboriginal community engagement and both theoretical and practical experience in environmental and heritage conservation and research.

During the Aboriginal Riverkeeper Team project’s three-year duration, the team achieved numerous environmental outcomes including bush regeneration, weed removal, and increased habitat. The eight trainees also engaged in deeply personal development of their Aboriginal identities, which was facilitated by regular cultural days throughout the project. Additionally, all of the trainees obtained formal qualifications in Conservation and Land Management and moved on to employment.

The project was cited as “a great success on many levels” by Nathan Moran, CEO of the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council.

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