An eBay for Charity Story: More Than Just a Second Chance

By selling on eBay for Charity, Goodwill San Francisco provides sustainable employment to those looking for a fresh start.
Jan 21, 2020 9:00 AM ET
Campaign: eBay for Charity

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For Patrick Quiroz, working at Goodwill San Francisco is more than just a second chance — it’s where he finds a sense of community and empowerment.

Patrick is the assistant ecommerce manager at Goodwill’s South San Francisco warehouse, where he oversees its shipping departments. Before joining the organization, he said he had trouble finding steady employment due to several marks on his legal record. Goodwill offered Patrick an opportunity to start over, one that he has taken full advantage of, he said.

“When I first started at Goodwill, I started seeing some opportunities,” Patrick said. “Ever since then, it’s been on the up and up.”

Patrick first started at Goodwill San Francisco in 2015 through its job training program, which offers work readiness coaching, vocational training and support services to address barriers standing in the way of individual success. Through selling on eBay for Charity, Goodwill San Francisco is able to fund the program and give back to those looking for a fresh start.

Patrick said it’s been an “amazing feeling” to grow professionally at the organization and to work with his colleagues in solving business challenges as they arise. 

“My team relies on me to do what I need to do and help drive the organization and all operations,” he said. “The feeling is amazing. Helping people gain self confidence, the ability to problem solve and get things done — it's amazing.”

Patrick said eBay has been beneficial in supporting Goodwill’s mission, and that for him, “eBay means opportunity.” 

The online marketplace has been a “useful tool for us to really expand our online presence and to offer job training assistance to our team,” he said. Through eBay, his team has learned how to manage online listings, customer support, shipping and more.

Comic books and videos rank high among Patrick’s favorite pastimes and hobbies, he said. Through his work at Goodwill, he’s able to use his background knowledge on those types of products in his daily work. 

“To come to work and enjoy my passion, with my coworkers and colleagues, I feel like a little kid in a candy store,” Patrick said. “You get to be yourself here.”

eBay for Charity is celebrating $1 billion raised in support of charities like Goodwill San Francisco. By selling on the eBay for Charity platform, charities like Goodwill are able to donate 100 percent of every sale to furthering their mission. 

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