Driving Change: A Strategic CSR Journey

Toyota Financial Services’ Elena Sacca Smith on Aligning Business and Social Goals
Nov 13, 2019 11:05 AM ET

Driving Change: A Strategic CSR Journey

For more than 35 years, Toyota Financial Services (TFS) has made it its business to help its customers achieve their dreams. Through flexible financing and leasing, comprehensive vehicle and payment protection plans, and well-rounded insurance offerings, TFS has helped make driving and owning a Toyota vehicle possible for so many.

And now, TFS is taking that same kind of problem-solving and innovation to a new level: serving the customers—and TFS employees—of tomorrow.

The TFS CSR team has re-positioned itself as an innovation lab, aligning their approach to creating sustainable social impact to business goals and seeking out increased opportunities for partnership between business units and the CSR team. By explicitly tying their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts to their business strategies, they are ensuring the next generation has the skills and capabilities to enable them to reach their dreams.

PYXERA Global’s John Holm recently had a conversation with TFS’ Elena Sacca Smith, Group Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Communications regarding TFS’s approach to strategically aligning social needs with business goals for greater opportunity and impact.

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