Dozens of Trees Take Root at Galveston Bay Refinery

Apr 29, 2024 4:45 PM ET
  • Employee volunteers from Marathon Petroleum’s Galveston Bay refinery planted dozens of new trees at its Texas City facility.
  • In partnership with Trees for Houston and students from a local high school, nearly 100 volunteers planted 83 trees in the refinery’s greenbelt.
  • Eight different species of trees, all native to the area, were planted during the one-day event in March.

Dozens of employees from Marathon Petroleum’s Galveston Bay refinery in Texas City, Texas, recently teamed up with students from Texas City Independent School District (TCISD) to plant over 80 trees in the facility’s greenbelt across the street.

The refinery’s Wildlife Habitat Team, a group that volunteers to enhance local wildlife habitats and promotes environmental awareness, education and community outreach efforts, organized the event in partnership with Trees for Houston, a local nonprofit dedicated to planting, protecting and promoting trees across the Greater Houston area.

“Trees are critical infrastructure to grow and sustain healthy communities that will create long-lasting benefits for generations to come,” said Barry Ward, Executive Director with Trees for Houston. “Having willing and supportive partners like Marathon Petroleum is essential to growing a stronger and healthier Houston for all.”

The trees, funded through an $18,000 donation from Marathon Petroleum, were transported to their new location by Trees for Houston staff. Once there, the Trees for Houston team positioned the trees in their designated spots and worked with employee and student volunteers to plant the trees, which included eight different species from the Shumard Oak to the Red Maple—all native to the area. Trees for Houston will use a portion of the donation to water the trees for the next two years to ensure the best start possible.

“We’re proud of the work our team members continue to do with important community partners like Trees for Houston,” said Honor Sheard, Health, Environmental, Safety and Security Manager at the Galveston Bay refinery. “It’s never difficult to find ready and willing volunteers to better our community. It was a great experience to be able to volunteer side-by-side with local high schoolers, who are the future of our community.”

Trees for Houston was founded in 1983 and has planted over a half-million trees across the Houston area since.