DonorsChoose. We Match.

Mar 3, 2014 9:05 AM ET
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DonorsChoose. We Match.

By: Nicole Anderson, Executive Director of Philanthropy at AT&T

What are some of the favorite projects you remember from school? Learning about literary characters in classic novels? An art piece you created? A science experiment you did?  These can be memories and experiences that take a student from “just” learning to believing they can be the next prize winning author, world-renown painter, or inventor of the 21st century.

Many schools across the country are struggling to provide these opportunities because teachers don’t have the materials and tools available to them due to limited resources.  I am excited that starting this week, AT&T is collaborating with DonorsChoose to help make these resources available to teachers and students.  

Teachers can post classroom projects for which they need funding on DonorsChoose, an online platform that makes it easy to help classrooms in need, and then spread the word so others can help. It’s kind of like a wedding or baby registry just with less monogramming! As soon as a project is funded, the books, art supplies, field trips, technology, and other resources needed to create new, engaging learning experiences are shipped directly to the school. Donors then receive updates, photos, and thank you letters from the classroom showing how the materials were used.

For the next few weeks, as part of AT&T’s commitment to education through AT&T Aspire, we are running a $250,000 matching campaign for classroom projects under $2,000 at our highest need schools. So, if a high school biology teacher in Kansas City, Missouri, creates a $1,000 project requesting microscopes, once the project receives $500 in funding, AT&T will match the remaining $500 to complete the project.  Pretty cool and easy!

So, please join me in helping to support teachers and children today… who knows which child will be the next award-winning composer, famous modern architect or CEO of AT&T. Click HERE to browse projects that AT&T is supporting and choose one that you are most passionate about! Every dollar counts towards making the spring 2014 semester the best yet for classrooms far and wide.