Domtar’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions are Less than Half the Average Producer in Asia

Highlights from Domtar’s 2016 Sustainability Update
Nov 16, 2016 3:15 PM ET

Total direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions from purchased energy at our pulp and paper mills have been reduced by 15 percent since 2010, meeting our 2020 target ahead of schedule.  These reductions have primarily been realized by: fuel switching from coal to less carbon-intensive natural gas, increasing on-site cogeneration of electricity and reducing pulp and paper production in alignment with market demand.

In fact, Domtar’s greenhouse gas emissions per metric ton of pulp and paper product are less than half that of the average producer in Asia, a region from which the U.S. imports significant paper volumes. 

Sustainability at Domtar is our endeavor to take a longer-term view of creating and preserving shareholder value. We accomplish this by considering how we respond to and contribute to emerging opportunities and risks in the world around us. Our 2016 Sustainability Update provides insight into our priorities on the journey towards becoming a more sustainable business. Click here to read the full update, and view updated performance metrics here.