Domtar Sustainability: Keeping Our People Safe and Healthy

Oct 31, 2017 10:15 AM ET

Domtar 2017 Sustainability Report

The safety and health of our colleagues is of primary importance. Keeping our people safe and healthy enables them to be productive members of their families, communities and our company.

While we are proud to have reduced recordable workplace injuries by 53 percent since 2008, our ultimate goal is to have zero injuries. As we work continually to reach our goal, our priority is to first eliminate life-altering injuries and the potential for serious injury. We do this by eliminating hazards and minimizing risk of injury through a culture of proactive engagement with all who work at and visit our facilities.

We empower our employees, contractors and visitors to intervene in operations to assure a safe outcome. We have recently reinforced this right and expectation through our Right and Responsibility to Act policy.

We are looking beyond traditional safety metrics such as recordable injury rates, which only reveal what has already happened. We are encouraging leading safety activities that help identify potential hazards before injuries occur. Examples include reporting "near hits" and conducting pre-task risk assessments.

Data and experience tell us that far more people suffer because of poor health than from injuries suffered in workplace incidents.

Our sustainability as a company depends on having a healthy, engaged workforce. This is why we offer a robust wellness program that encourages our employees to build and maintain healthy lifestyles.


Domtar’s 2017 Sustainability Report details the company’s endeavor to take a longer term view of creating and preserving value for our shareholders, customers, employees and communities.  For more inspiring stories about Domtar's sustainability efforts, visit the Domtar Newsroom. To view the full 2017 Sustainability Report click here.