Deloitte Volunteer IMPACT Survey Reveals 81% Of Hiring Managers Want College Grads Who Volunteer

Aug 9, 2013 12:45 PM ET

Original article by Nader Salass on The Huffington Post

With half of college grads working jobs that don't require degrees, the unemployment rate for 20-24 year-olds hovering around 12.6 percent, and an increasing percentage of adults with college degrees, millennials need new ways to impress hiring managers.

A recent study indicates that they can start by volunteering. The Deloitte Volunteer Impact Survey reveals that skilled and dedicated volunteer work makes college graduate job candidates more appealing to human resources executives.

About 81 percent of hiring managers felt that volunteer work makes graduates more attractive job candidates. However, only 46 percent of the surveyed college students felt that volunteering would help them secure future jobs.

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