Deloitte University to Allow Staff to Rise Through Ranks

Dec 20, 2013 3:10 PM ET

Original article by Cameron Roberts on AccountancyAge

BIG FOUR FIRM Deloitte has opened a university in its own name, which will allow staff members to attend courses to progress through its ranks.

Stevan Rolls, head of HR at Deloitte UK, is heavily involved in the University, named Deloitte University Europe, the Middle East and Africa (DU EMEA). He saysthat it was "part of a global strategy" that started three years ago in Dallas with its first university.

The new university's opening, on Monday 16 December, included speeches from former Boomtwon Rats singer Bob Geldof and global CEO of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Barry Salzberg.

The University

Rolls says that the launch was about "bringing together different thinkers", adding that "the aim was to collaborate and create a think tank on the future of learning".

The courses offered by the university "are designed to guide people through their career" at Deloitte. "From manager up to partner, the curriculum will be part of their working life," explains Rolls.

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