Delivering for Good: How FedEx Uses Its Global Network and Logistics Expertise to Help People and Communities in Need.

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Feb 22, 2022 1:30 PM ET
Infographic stating, "2021 COVID-19 community-level vaccine distribution In December 2020 FedEx committed $4M to help nonprofit organizations distribute COVID-19 vaccines to under-resourced communities in Memphis, across the U.S., and in almost 30 countries around the world."

This story first appeared in the FedEx Delivering for Good Report.

Disaster Relief: Readiness, response and recovery

Increased capacity for treatment and vaccines to fight COVID-19

Surge capacity for hospitals
At FedEx, we are experts in complexity. We organize, store and safely move millions of packages every day, to nearly every corner of the globe. It’s this expertise that enabled us to help International Medical Corps deploy emergency medical field units across the US to support its COVID-19 response. These units, stored near our global hub in Memphis, Tennessee, provided surge capacity to medical facilities overflowing with patients due to the pandemic. The field units ensure that hospitals have space for triage and treatment for all patients who need care.

Vaccinations for vulnerable populations
Together, FedEx and International Medical Corps increased the capacity of health facilities in Los Angeles to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to some of the city’s most vulnerable residents. FedEx deployed International Medical Corps’ emergency field units and PPE to Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital and Kedren Community Health Center. Volunteers working at these sites provided an average of more than 2,100 COVID-19 vaccines daily.

FedEx supports International Medical Corps to receive WHO classification
In June 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified International Medical Corps as an Emergency Medical Team (EMT) Type 1 provider, making International Medical Corps the first nonprofit worldwide to receive classification to offer both Fixed and Mobile EMT Type 1 capabilities. FedEx support helped IMC complete the certification process, and we are proud to work with an organization capable of deploying quickly and providing medical services in response to a disaster anywhere in the world.