Defragging Cause Marketing - By Megan Strand

Megan Strand is a project manager, creative marketer and proponent of authentic communication… passionate about spotlighting, connecting and supporting businesses that are doing well by doing good. Megan Strand writes exclusively for InCouraged Communicat
Mar 8, 2011 9:41 AM ET
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Defragging Cause Marketing


Ever feel like cause marketing is starting to feel a little cluttered?  Everywhere you turn, there’s another cash register ask, cause-branded product, digital cause campaigns beckoning you to “Like” them, location based donations to unlock…each benefitting a different, and potentially unfamiliar cause.

Remember when you could “defrag” on your computer (oh…sorry, PC users, do you still do that?) to increase the efficiency and functionality of your hard drive?  Well it’s time we defrag cause marketing.

Easier said than done, right?

There are two major things that we need to explore on the road to defragging cause marketing.


The first is partnerships but not in the way you’re accustomed to thinking of them.  Of course cause marketing is a partnership between a non-profit organization and a business but expand that box for a moment and consider alliances.

How much more powerful would it be if like-minded companies and causes linked elbows and created a super cause marketing event, campaign or initiative?  How much more “mind share” would you capture if 5 of your favorite brands were all focused on…gasp…one cause?

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