Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Recognizes Companies with Best Adoption Leave Benefits

Oct 24, 2017 3:00 PM ET


Companies like American Express, Bank of America and Facebook know that to retain top talent, companies have to offer top benefits.

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption survey’s the nation’s employers each year in search of those with the best adoption benefits. This includes both financial reimbursements and paid time off.

This year American Express topped the Top 100 list for having the best financial reimbursement and the best leave policy. You can see the complete Top 100 List here and the Best Leave Policies here.

To learn more about how to make your workplace adoption friendly, visit our website.

The 2018 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace Survey opens in January. Email info@davethomasfoundation.org if you’d like to participate and a staff member will get you the link when it opens.