Customers Inspiring us with their Appreciation: Meet Michaela Krasteva

May 8, 2024 10:00 AM ET

Originally published on GoDaddy Resource Library

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your current role. 

Hi! My name is Michaela, and I am part of the Global Quality Assurance (QA) Team at GoDaddy. I’ve been with GoDaddy for over three years now and recently joined the QA Team, which mainly focuses on Contact Analytics, Quality Assurance, and Compliance Enablement. We also work on various interesting projects with different teams and departments within GoDaddy. I was born and raised in Bulgaria but moved to the United Kingdom over ten years ago to study at the University of Nottingham - and I never left! I have a beautiful daughter named Isabella who is the main inspiration for everything I do – both in work and in life. I want her to grow up knowing that no matter who you are, where you come from, or what gender you are, you can always find like-minded people with whom you can make an impact and change the world! This is why I love being a part of GoDaddy. We’re such a diverse company, spanning across continents, but we all have a sense of belonging, no matter what part of the world we’re in!

Prior to joining GoDaddy, you worked in the beauty industry. Can you walk us through what prompted your decision to pivot your career path towards technology, and how your previous experience in the beauty industry has influenced your approach in your current role? 

During Covid, I worked as a Front-of-House Sales Manager, and my previous employer decided to change the booking system that the business was using. This change proved extremely difficult for everyone, except for me. I really enjoyed the technical aspects of the system, as I’ve always had a passion for tech. Math and Computing were significant parts of my curriculum during my high school years. This prompted me to expand my knowledge, leading me to study Computing and IT in university. Once I started studying, I really wanted to put things into practice. This is when I found out about GoDaddy! I had seen a Hosting Sales and Support role advertised, and as luck would have it, a client of mine was an employee of GoDaddy and spoke very highly of the company, including the benefits and incentives they offer within the Care department. I took this as a sign and applied the same day!

What's the most challenging yet rewarding thing that you've worked on at GoDaddy? 

Having been a Guide in Specialty for over three years, I can definitely say that no two days were ever the same, and every day presented a new challenge. Whether it was a customer with a difficult tech issue or a local outage, you never knew what the day might bring. However, the biggest reward for me has always been the gratitude from our customers. We often see our work as just another thing we need to do as part of our day-to-day. However, for some of our customers, our work can be life-changing. It's such a cool experience when they remind us of that. Sometimes, as a Guide, you speak to fifteen to twenty people a day, and you forget how impactful each conversation is for the customer’s business. So, it’s great to hear and see that positive feedback.

How do you feel that the organization supports you to do things that are important to you? 

Upon my return to work as a new mum, I was not quite ready to come back on a full-time basis and was very anxious about how that would work. However, both my manager and HR were very supportive and ensured the transition was as smooth as possible. I also got the chance to do a secondment during my time as a Guide, which gave me the opportunity to grow immensely, learn new skills, and work with tools that I would never have been able to otherwise.

What advice would you give to an individual who is starting their career within Care? 

My advice would be to stay curious! The world is full of inventive and interesting people. Fortunately, a lot of them are GoDaddy customers who are happy to share their stories with us if you just dare to ask.

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