CSX Corporate Social Responsibility Highlights: Safety

Sep 3, 2014 3:20 PM ET

Safety is the foundation of CSX and we work diligently to protect those affected by our business, including the public, our employees and our network. Through community engagement, technological innovation, dynamic communication, effective training programs and collaboration with our peers and partners, we ensure we are operating thoughtfully, safely and responsibly.

Safe actions should be proactive and preventive, but we also place significant attention on our ability to respond to the unforeseen. CSX employs procedures that consider both aspects of truly safe behavior. And, though we led the industry in employee safety in 2013, we are continually focused on ways we can improve our safety and accountability to our customers and stakeholders going forward.

Public Safety   We recognize that our operations affect every community along our tracks and it is critical that we focus on the safety and well-being of the public. CSX partners with organizations like Operation Lifesaver, which focus on increasing public awareness of rail safety – particularly at rail crossings, which can be very dangerous areas prone to car and pedestrian accidents.   We conduct highly visible safety campaigns to provide information about the potential hazards of highway-rail grade crossings and protect the public from the dangers along our tracks. In 2013, we operated an aggressive private road crossing program with a goal to close 45 crossings. By working with communities and direct users, we exceeded our goal, closing 52 private crossings. In total, we closed 257 public and private crossings in 2013.   Network Safety   The CSX network runs through thousands of communities across the country. As a member of these communities, we must protect and secure our infrastructure and cargo. CSX invested $2.3 billion in 2013 to maintain, innovate and expand our network and ensure our operations are safe and efficient.   We understand public concern about some of the materials we transport, such as crude oil and hazardous materials. To ensure safe transport of these materials, CSX reduces speeds, prioritizes tracks carrying oil trains, and provides training to approximately 4,000 emergency responders every year. We also work to meet and exceed federal, state and local regulations.   Employee Safety   At CSX, we strive to ensure our employees are safe in everything they do. Nothing is more important than every employee going home safely at the end of every day. We use a variety of safety indicators, including Federal Railroad Administration standards and our own Life-Changing Index, to determine the risks of our operations for all employees.   We place significant importance on education and training as part of our overall safety program. Our CSX Railroad Education & Development Institute in Atlanta, Ga., is dedicated to training new employees around our commitment to safety. We also provide ongoing training throughout each employee’s career, utilizing classroom, online and video training sessions, as well as rail operation simulators and other hands-on methods.   To learn more about safety and corporate social responsibility at CSX, visit www.csxcsr.com