#CSRshareDay Starts a Global Pledge for the Event Industry to Be the Driving Force Behind the Solution, Not the Problem

Apr 17, 2019 3:25 PM ET

On March 15th2019,  1.5 million school students went on strike in a fight against climate change.  This #CSRshareDay, a day that recognises and celebrates Corporate Social Responsibility, the event industry has the opportunity to share their ideas on what the solution could be.  ‘This is a wake-up call for the event industry.’ explains Fiona Pelham, Positive Impact CEO.  ‘I regularly hear industry professionals at high levels of influence say they do not have the time or budget to think about sustainability and many that are in action are too fearful of criticism to be taking bold, game changing actions and be the driving force behind the solution.’

Oregon Convention Center, a long term supporter of #CSRshareDay agree.  ‘The time to act is now,’ says Ryan Harvey, Sustainability Manager at the Oregon Convention Center. ‘We see #CSRshareDay as a collaborative opportunity to share best practice across the industry, supporting the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)’.

On April 23rd, 24 hourly conversations from professionals passionate about sustainability will use social media to host conversations and ask for immediate action by the event industry.   Following the campaign, a report will be shared with the global Positive Impact community and beyond, including United Nations departments with whom Positive Impact has Memorandums Of Understanding with.

Throughout the campaign there will be opportunities for everyone to take immediate action including:

  • Joining Positive Impact’s ambassador community and regularly receiving materials to speak up on a sustainable event industry
  • Signing a commitment to take immediate action to address the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • Accessing free to use resources and opportunities for collaboration to address specific challenges including plastic, human rights, carbon emissions and food waste.

To get involved follow us @CSRshareDay or sign up here to receive the 2019 report which includes a summary of all the best tweets and sustainability initiatives:


For all media enquiries, additional comment and request for interview please contact Bev Ridyard, Head of Marketing and Culture (bev@positive-impact-events.com)