Covia's Commitment to Hand Safety: A Workplace Priority

Apr 11, 2024 10:00 AM ET

At Covia, prioritizing Safety First is a fundamental principle. We implement various measures to ensure that Safety and Health (S&H) are consistently at the forefront for our Team Members, contractors, vendors, suppliers, and customers. One specific area of opportunity is hand safety. Hand injuries are a common risk in our daily operations, which is why we are initiating a hand safety campaign to highlight this crucial aspect of safety and well-being for all Covia Team Members. This initiative underscores the significance of safeguarding our hands, as they are essential tools in all our tasks – protecting them is vital for maintaining a thriving and secure workplace environment.

In the upcoming months, Covia will offer a variety of resources for our teams to use, including articles, presentations, and interactive training sessions on various key hand safety topics. These resources aim to spark discussions across the company, empowering each employee to take proactive measures in preventing hand injuries.

Hand injuries can be avoided, but it requires effort and cooperation. At Covia, we are committed to meeting this challenge head-on.

To gain further insights into Covia's Hand Safety Campaign, we invite you to watch this video presentation. For more information about Covia’s commitment to Safety and Health, click here.