Covia and Monarch Joint Venture: United To Protect and Enhance Pollinator Populations

May 2, 2024 9:35 AM ET

Covia is thrilled to be partnering with Monarch Joint Venture (MJV) in an effort to safeguard and enhance the habitat of the migratory monarch butterfly and other pollinators. Through MJV’s work, they aim to protect monarchs and their migration by collaborating with partners, like Covia, to deliver habitat conservation, education, and science across the monarch range. The monarch butterfly is facing significant challenges that have raised concerns about the sustainability of its long-distance migration. These obstacles have led to population declines, prompting consideration for protection under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. Factors such as habitat loss, climate change, pesticide use, and the decrease in milkweed plants, crucial for monarch breeding, have all contributed to this decline.

Our shared goal includes the distribution of milkweed plugs throughout the eastern monarch population range in states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and Missouri, often referred to as the "Monarch Central Flyway." These efforts align with Covia's commitment to the conservation, restoration, and enrichment of biodiversity. Learn more about Covia’s ESG efforts at

As part of our partnership, Covia will be distributing nearly 5,000 milkweed plugs to employees located within the monarch population footprint. We will be using various native milkweed species such as common, showy, swamp, butterfly, whorled, and spider milkweed to accommodate different regions. Milkweed plays a vital role as a food source and breeding ground for monarch butterflies.

In addition to the milkweed distribution, Covia's Cleburne, Texas, plant is collaborating with MJV on a yearlong project to develop a multi-acre pollinator habitat at the plant. MJV will be offering guidance, expertise, and technical support in designing the habitat layout, preparing the site, selecting native plant species, and giving recommendations for dormant seeding.

“We are pleased to share that we have established a partnership with Monarch Joint Venture,” said Natalie Eglinton, Director of ESG. “Monarch butterflies and pollinators play a crucial role in our ecosystem, and we look forward to contributing to the enhancement of habitats for these important species. It is exciting to see that many of Covia's facilities align with the Monarch Central Flyway, providing us with a unique chance to support the habitat improvement for pollinators and other wildlife.”