CORRECTION - Molson Coors tops Beverage-Beer Sector in 2011 Climate Counts Scores

Scores up 54% from 2007; 10% Improvement over 2010
Dec 8, 2011 12:30 PM ET
THIS IS A CORRECTION TO A RELEASE POSTED YESTERDAY.  CLIMATE COUNTS WOULD LIKE TO FORMALLY APOLOGIZE TO MOLSON COORS (69) who out-performed ANHEUSER-BUSCH (57) IN THIS YEAR'S RANKINGS.   (3BL Media / theCSRfeed) - December 8, 2011 - The Climate Counts’ 2011 review indicates upward momentum in corporate climate responsibility (CCR) by major consumer brands over the past year. The 2011 assessment results, now available online, in PDF and through the Climate Counts iPhone App, show that Climate Counts’ average scores have improved 54% since 2007, and that nearly two-thirds of companies improved their standing from 2010.  Climate Counts assessed 136 companies in 16 industry sectors for the 5th annual scorecard.   While Electronics represents the highest scoring sector with an average of 74.8 points among 13 companies, Unilever came out as the top company in 2011, supplanting Nike which held the highest score for three consecutive years. Unilever exemplifies the integrated approach to CCR that Climate Counts is seeing from industry leaders. Their “Sustainable Living Plan” enables Unilever to identify every opportunity across their operations to increase efficiency and reduce emissions.   With 79 companies attaining a striding climate score (50 points or better), and 13 companies scoring 80 points or higher in 2011 compared to four in 2010, an ever-increasing number of companies are taking steps to reduce their impact on climate.   As more companies strive to achieve carbon neutrality, however, there remain several others without a climate strategy in place at all. This highlights the lingering need for a price on carbon, and climate and energy policy that would level the playing field across all industry sectors. While 30 companies from this year’s scoring cycle vocalized strong support for federal level climate policy, 82 companies (or 60%) remained silent or in opposition of such efforts.   This year’s Climate Counts sector leaders are as follows:
  • Airlines: Southwest Airlines (55)

  • Apparel/Accessories: Nike (85)

  • Beverages - Beer:  Molson Coors (69)

  • Commercial Banks: Bank of America (82)

  • Consumer Shipping: UPS (80)

  • Electronics: Hewlett-Packard (83)

  • Food Products: Unilever (88)

  • Food Services: Starbucks (70)

  • Home and Office Furnishings: Herman Miller and Masco (63)

  • Hotels: Marriott (73)

  • Household Products: L’Oreal (78)

  • Internet/Software: Microsoft (68)

  • Large Appliances:  AB Electrolux (80)

  • Media: General Electric (77)*

  • Pharmaceuticals: AstraZeneca (86)

  • Toys & Children’s Equipment: Hasbro (52)

  A report and the full 2011 Climate Counts review are available at: Climate Counts also has a voluntary scoring and benchmarking program called Industry Innovators (i2).   CC19369