As the Conflict in Ukraine Continues, We Keep Helping Those Who Need It

Dec 16, 2022 12:00 PM ET
Zakaria Qureshi and Blazej Radwanski

This International Volunteer Day (December 5) we’re celebrating two FedEx team members who volunteered their time and skill sets to get surplus personal protective equipment (PPE) to charities supporting the conflict in Ukraine.

Earlier this year, when an opportunity arose to donate surplus PPE to nonprofits, Zakaria Qureshi and Blazej Radwanski, from Sourcing & Procurement International, FedEx Express Europe, gladly volunteered to help. They went beyond their regular responsibilities to ensure that this extra stock of PPE would help those in need.

In true collaborative spirit, they took the lead in arranging shipment of 247 pallets of PPE materials to two Polish nonprofits – the Polish Medical Mission and Fundacja Rozwoju Sadeczczyzny.

“When Zak and I heard these extra PPE materials needed a home, we were inspired to ensure they would be put to the best possible use. With our FedEx culture of caring in mind, our first thought was to find a charity organization supporting Ukraine and the people affected by this conflict,” says Blazej Radwanski. “After looking at several options, we chose to engage Polish NGOs, as Poland is a neighbor to Ukraine. Logistically it also made sense given that there are many Polish individuals and NGOs supporting the Ukrainian community. It was an uplifting moment to see those trucks of supplies depart; knowing we’ll be helping someone in need.”

Thanks to their efforts, nearly 308,000 items have been donated, ranging from PPE and medical clothing intended for medical professionals to protective masks, gloves, and disinfectants. Through the Polish Medical Mission’s network, the supplies will be distributed among hospitals that have asked for help from Poland and Western European countries in recent months due to shortages in Ukrainian warehouses.

From the first days of the conflict, the Polish Medical Mission from Krakow has been supporting Ukrainian hospitals as one of the few organizations providing specialist medical assistance. Institutions supported by the Polish Medical Mission run neonatal intensive care units, continue to treat chronically ill people who cannot leave the country, conduct compulsory vaccination programs, and much more. In this context, these PPE items will be put to good use.