Conflict Minerals Argument Over. Impossible? Over a Thousand Did It

Jun 11, 2014 8:10 AM ET
Campaign: Conflict Minerals

If the SEC posted a filing deadline and no one filed, Section 1502 of Dodd-Frank would have been a failure. Instead, public companies provided a resounding answer to the call for greater transparency. Now, NGO’s are reporting that over two-thirds of the mines that were run by militias four years ago are no longer under their control.

“Over the last 24 months, there’ve been attempts to overturn the law or make the case that conflict minerals due diligence was not economically feasible for private industry. The inaugural filings prove that conflict minerals compliance is possible. We’ve done it for over 100 global brands,” noted Jess Kraus, CEO of Source Intelligence. “Filing undeterminable doesn’t mean a company doesn’t know the source of all their materials. Our customers have made huge strides in sourcing their 3TG materials. In many cases, there are only a couple lingering suppliers left to be vetted, but the data validation and quality assurance we provide are critical to customers who see risk in filing with even the smallest percentage remaining unknown.”

Source Intelligence provides its customers with a multi-lingual supplier engagement team, which interacts with global suppliers 24 hours a day. The Source Intelligence platform and supplier engagement team approach enables customers to secure and report a detailed CMR and above average supplier completion rates at a reasonable cost. In addition, the Source Intelligence solution has demonstrated unparalleled data verification processes to catch errors and inconsistencies in supplier-reported data.

To learn more about how Source Intelligence enabled conflict minerals compliance, overcoming supplier resistance during the first reporting year, download the paper here.

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