Conflict-Free Initiative

Make your new years resolution conflict-free
Dec 27, 2013 11:05 AM ET
Campaign: Conflict Minerals

The Enough Project is an NGO dedicated to the advocation of Human Rights and the fight against the mass genocides occurring in Africa. Guerrilla warfare monopolizes the mine and trade of Africa’s Eastern regions that are rich with minerals. Children are forced into mining and contribute to the devastating aftermath of the continuous war on mineral trade. With over 5.4 million dead in the last fifteen years, the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its neighboring countries, has been coined as the “World’s Deadliest War” by Time Magazine. International consumerism and manufacturing are indirectly sustaining the war by utilizing Conflict Minerals. 

Conflict Minerals are similar in reference to Blood Diamonds and are otherwise known as 3TG (Tantalum, Tungsten, Tin, and Gold). These raw materials can be found in jewelry, automobiles, electronics, daily household appliances, and even tooth paste. 

The Enough Project founded a Conflict-free Initiative in support of mitigating the use of Conflict Minerals on a broader spectrum, beginning with college campuses and cities. There are a 150 schools nation wide that are supporting the movement for Human Rights and educating their campus's on the demand for change. The initiative allows students to take a role of leadership with high hopes of changing the lives of many Africans. 

So going forward into 2014, enact some change and find out what schools and cities are doing around you. It is a great start to your new years resolution.

What is being done on a U.S. Federal level? Dodd-Frank Consumer & Protection Act SEC 1502 was brought into legislation on August 2012. The law requires all publicly traded U.S. companies to report whether 3TG’s reside in their supply chains and if so to mitigate the source. Conflict-Free disclosure is the key in industry reporting with the final deadline approaching on May 31, 2014. Industries who enact their Due Diligence will create a more transparent supply chain and support for Human Rights. 

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