“Communications for Good” Provides Maximus Foundation Grantees With Professional Support

Mar 26, 2024 9:30 AM ET
6 people pictured at a meeting

Maximus’ Corporate Communications team is finding ways to embody the company’s values of compassion and collaboration through its Communications for Good project in partnership with the Maximus Foundation. “This initiative aligns with the Foundation’s goals to build transformational partnerships by providing our nonprofit partners support beyond the grant,” said Arvenita Washington Cherry, Ph.D., Maximus Foundation President and Chairperson and Vice-President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. “We are grateful and hope this will inspire similar skills-based volunteerism across the business.”

This initiative harnesses the expertise of the Corporate Communications team to provide support, guidance, and communications services to Maximus Foundation grantees. FACETS, an outreach program that has cared for children and families in Fairfax County, Virginia, since 1988, is the first organization to participate in the team’s Communications for Good project.

“I had a desire to find meaningful ways for my team to contribute to the organizations supported by the Maximus Foundation. Communications for Good is not just about offering our expertise; it’s a heartfelt commitment to the communities where we live and work where we can make a tangible difference,” said Jared Curtis, Director of Corporate Communications.

Jerry Caruso, Senior Vice President of Tax Management, is a Maximus Foundation donor and serves as a FACETS board member.

“I thought it was an exceptional concept to assist organizations that would benefit from the expertise of the Corporate Communications team,” he said. "This project is a unique opportunity for FACETS to tap into a program that helps expand their communications toolkit. The Communications for Good program is evidence of the impact an organization such as Maximus can have on a community by partnering with organizations who may not have access to the type of resources we have.”

The team met with FACETS during their on-site team meeting on February 8. FACETS employees explained their communications needs, which included social media engagement, public awareness, and storytelling to highlight programs and employees. The Maximus team’s 13 employees offered expertise on topics including social and digital media, writing and editing, strategy, and marketing. As part of this program, the team will work with FACETS to provide agency-style services free of charge.

Tessa Robinette, FACETS Resource Development Manager, said the FACETS team was thankful for the communications support.

“Our resources and capacity are often so stretched that it is difficult to find the time to develop or execute a communications strategy with the intention to detail and innovation it deserves,” she said. “It is incredible to be receiving extra support from professionals in the field. With it being a large and experienced team, we were looking forward to how they could advise us.”

The FACETS team was looking for outside perspective and analysis of their communications plan for some of their upcoming events and insight on the new website and branding they planned to launch this year, Tessa said. Corporate Communications also provided some existing materials to assist with FACETS’ rebranding and content creation processes.

“They were able to provide specific fine-tuning and executive advice for each step of the proposed plans,” Tessa explained. This included social media support, internal and external communications support, and guidance for an effective brand rollout and storytelling.

With a comprehensive look at FACETS’ current and future strategies, the team walked away with a new point of view, excited to implement recommendations and tools the Corporate Communications team provided, said Katie Davenport, FACETS Chief of Staff.

“The FACETS team left there so refreshed and ready to use some of the tools that were shared,” she said. “I’m not only energized about the recommendations but also validated on some of the pain points we get hung up on as a small team.”

Robinette agreed, adding that the team’s outside perspective was “the most valuable aspect of this initiative.

“The team at Maximus was incredibly eager to delve into what we already had going on and offer changes to improve effectiveness,” Robinette said. “Working with Maximus thus far has been such a pleasure and we have already begun using a couple of their suggestions.”

This project is a collaborative effort between the team, partner organizations, and the Maximus Foundation, Curtis added. Each employee is encouraged to volunteer their time and leverage their expertise.

“In addition to giving their time, the team can provide insight, recommendations, and support to address the specific communications needs of these organizations,” he said. “Our hope is through this program, we can help empower these organizations to effectively convey their mission, amplify their impact, and encourage more support in the community.”