The CollaborateUp Formula

The methodology that brings people together around challenges in the commons
Apr 17, 2017 10:00 AM ET

The Global Engagement Forum: Online

The CollaborateUp Formula for forming, managing, and scaling partnerships outlines the deliberative steps needed to approach multi-stakeholder challenges for which there are no obvious responsible parties. The Formula combines a wealth of partnership-building experience, adapted rapid development tools, and elements of the Lean Startup methodology, to give practitioners the agility to identify and pursue a path forward, no matter the context.

The challenges in the commons are particularly problematic because they have no discrete, or readily apparent, owner. Although all members of an impacted community will benefit from a solution, coordinating among diverse stakeholders and determining who does (and perhaps pays for) which aspects of the solution can be a non-starter. Nevertheless, in these cases, a participatory process yields the sustainable solution. So, what is the Formula? While each challenge is distinct and each partnership unique, CollaborateUp uses a step-by-step process to facilitate implementation and improve the all-important trust needed to achieve desired outcomes.

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