CNH Industrial Supports the Growing Hemp Industry in North America

Feb 26, 2021 4:00 PM ET

February 26, 2021, /3BL Media/ - Did you know that hemp can be used as a sustainable alternative to textiles, wood and even concrete? That it was once so valued as a commodity it was accepted as payment for taxes in the state of Pennsylvania in the USA? Learn more about this versatile crop and how CNH Industrial is supporting its gradual re-emergence in North America from this latest episode in the Behind the Wheel series at:

The video was shot on location at the New Holland Agriculture facility in New Holland, Pennsylvania, USA. The opening panoramic scenes show the 15 acres of industrial hemp, which was planted at the brand’s on-site test farm for educational and analytical purposes. This test plot was used to provide valuable crop and soil data as well as a unique opportunity to study the crop cycle from planting to harvesting, which is the focus of this webisode.

New Holland Agriculture, a global agricultural brand of CNH Industrial N.V., has been working with partners, the National Hemp Association and Penn State University, in a bid to raise awareness and educate producers about the benefits of this crop and its exciting potential for economic sustainability. The aerial footage of the hemp plantation gives an idea of the scale of this project and shows how New Holland products can be used throughout the entire cropping cycle. This is further testament to New Holland’s commitment to help accelerate the return of hemp crops on farms across North America.

Through a series of interviews with experts from the National Hemp Association, Penn State University and the New Holland brand itself, the video highlights some of the benefits, challenges and opportunities associated with the campaign to turn this crop into a valuable commodity once more. CNH Industrial’s support of the evolving hemp industry is another demonstration of the Company’s commitment to promoting more sustainable agricultural practices.

Find out more about how CNH Industrial is supporting the growing hemp industry at: