CNH Industrial Employees Adopt an Area Clean-up in Saskatoon

Dec 28, 2021 4:00 PM ET
CNH Industrial volunteers
CNH Industrial volunteers

The Meewasin Trail runs more than 90km (approx. 56 mile) along the South Saskatchewan River and through Saskatoon and is an important natural area for the community. It not only offers a place that improves quality of life through boosting mental and physical health, but provides environmental education outside the classroom, as well as carbon sequestration and wildlife habitats.

It also happens to run close to CNH Industrial’s Saskatoon plant, which makes planting, seeding, and pick-up headers, and around the closest residential community.

To help keep this trail pristine, a team of volunteers from CNH Industrial’s Saskatoon site decided to help volunteer to pick up trash along it. Together, the group was able to cover over 4km (2.5 miles) of the trail.

“There were residents in the area that were walking the trails at the time of cleanup, and many of them expressed their thanks for what we were doing to keep the trails looking beautiful,” says Miranda Delorme, one of the CNH Industrial volunteers.  “We plan on making this a semi-annual event in the spring and fall as part of Meewasin’s Adopt-a-trail program.”