Children International’s Antiparasite Program Helps Lay the Foundation for Children to Grow up Healthy and Educated

Antiparasite Medication, Health Education and Hygiene Training Are Key to Eliminating Parasites
Apr 29, 2014 10:30 AM ET

Millions of children are infected with soil-based parasites every year. The infections stem from two sources: parasite eggs or larvae in contaminated food, or larvae in contaminated soil that enter through the skin. According to the World Health Organization, infected children are physically, nutritionally and cognitively impaired. Because of these negative effects, early detection and treatment are critical to ensuring a child is able to grow and develop in a healthy manner.

Children International distributed antiparasite medications to more than 540,000 sponsored children, youth and their family members in 2013 as part of their antiparasite program. But the program is more than just a pill. Health education and hygiene training are also a critical part of the effort to help prevent future infections. Globally, Children International has reached hundreds of thousands of people with messages regarding proper water, sanitation and hygiene to prevent parasite reinfection. Children International also helps by distributing new pairs of TOMS Shoes to children and youth to protect their feet from contaminated soil. Children International’s antiparasite program, including parasite prevention and treatment strategies, helps lay the foundation for children to grow up healthy and educated.  

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