Changing Your Relationship With Money for Good

Apr 13, 2022 9:15 AM ET

Changing Your Relationship with Money for Good

by Dani Pascarella, CFP® and Founder of OneEleven Financial Wellness 

The concept of financial wellness is often associated with managing your money the right way or having a certain net worth. But this definition leaves out something just as important as the numbers – how your finances impact your mental and physical well-being. At OneEleven Financial Wellness, we are changing that by looking at more than just the numbers and taking a holistic approach to personal finance. Our Wealth Coaches help our members change their relationship with money for good and build healthy spending habits.

According to the APA, money is the #1 cause of stress in America. There is a huge need for apps like OneEleven that can help Americans reduce this stress and get to the root cause of why it’s happening. We’re not alone in these beliefs, Well+Good listed financial wellness apps (including OneEleven) as one of top self-care trends for 2022. This year, it’s predicted that financial wellness will continue to expand as we embrace this new convergence of money, psychology, and technology. Now more than ever, people have strategies at their fingertips to learn effective financial habits and take control of their financial situation.

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