Celebrating Success: Covia's Conservation Efforts Recognized at 2024 WHC Conference

Jun 14, 2024 9:00 AM ET

Covia is committed to protecting biodiversity by preserving intact forests, reclaiming land with over 50% native species, managing avian and migratory bird habitats, protecting endangered species and their habitats, and combating invasive species while restoring pollinator habitats where feasible. Our partnership with the Wildlife Habitat Council demonstrates this unwavering commitment to biodiversity and helps us align our land use and management strategies with top-notch practices for ecological stewardship.

As a result of our efforts, two of Covia's plants, Emmett and Tunnel City, have been recognized and honored at the recent Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) Conference. Covia’s Emmett, Idaho, plant was honored with the Avian Award for their exceptional project that monitors and manages avian species and their habitats. Team Members built special nest structures for American kestrels and ospreys, as well as habitats for geese. Tunnel City was awarded the Pollinator Project Award for their collaborative efforts with the Wisconsin DNR to re-establish the federally endangered Karner Blue Butterfly. They created a thriving habitat, welcoming these beautiful butterflies back to the area.

We extend our congratulations to the teams at these plants for their exceptional conservation work. For more information about Covia’s many biodiversity and conservation efforts at WHC-certified sites, visit https://www.coviacorp.com/esg/.