Campbell's Soup Does M'm...M'm Good!

Feb 18, 2011 6:00 PM ET

Alice Korngold's Blog

“Business at its best: Maximizing long-term profitability and societal impact.” That’s the topic at the 6th Annual Board of Boards CEO Conference that will be held by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) in NYC later this month. Doug Conant, President and CEO of Campbell Soup Company, will join fellow CEOs of global corporations for this year’s meeting and discussion. Yesterday afternoon, I had a private interview with Conant to find out how compelling this topic is to him and Campbell’s and why.

My conversation with Conant took place just a few hours after his visit with elementary school students in the company’s home town of Camden, New Jersey. The occasion of the visit was Conant’s announcement of the company’s plan to reduce childhood obesity and hunger in the community. The company will invest $10 million over ten years with the goal of reducing childhood obesity and hunger among Camden’s 23,000 children by 50 percent. This is one of the ways Campbell is looking to move beyond being a good neighbor to making measurable positive social impacts in the community.

For continuation, see Fast Company here...

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