WSP I Diversity & Inclusion

True to our Guiding Principles, we are humble and act with moral and intellectual integrity, keep our word, treat everyone with respect, support our colleagues, and embrace diversity.

Our Approach

We are a diverse people business, proud to be working for a wide variety of clients. We are committed to building an inclusive culture that respects and maximizes the contribution of all our employees.

Regional Diversity Committees (or equivalent forums) are established in most of WSP’s principal operating regions.

The overall intent stated in our Global Inclusion and Diversity policy is to:

  • Ensure fair and equal treatment of employees;
  • Embed a culture of diversity and inclusion globally;
  • Provide employees with the best opportunities to fulfill their potential;
  • Respect and protect human rights.

This supports our aim to provide a professional and fair working environment in which all individuals are treated with dignity and respect, free from any discrimination, bullying, physical and psychological harassment, including sexual harassment.

Content from this campaign

Diversity & Inclusion

Nye Jones: A Changemaker Leading DE&I Initiatives With Empathy And Passion
When you measure success as helping others overcome and reach their full potential, it results in better outcomes for all involved.

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

Alva Carrasco Honored With 2021 Latino Leadership Award
The Latino Leadership Conference has presented its national Latino Leadership Award to Alva Carrasco, Transit and Rail West Region market lead at WSP USA, a leading engineering and professional services consultancy.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

WSP USA's Tanya Adams Elected to COMTO National Board Chair
Tanya Adams, VP of inclusion & diversity at WSP USA, a leading engineering & professional services consultancy, has been elected chair of the National Board of Directors for the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO).

Diversity & Inclusion

Gender Equity Critical to Solving Climate Change: Women in Climate Tech Announces International TECFD Team
Women in Climate Tech, a group empowering the voices of women and non-binary professionals in climate tech, announced today a global team of talent selected to embed equity into climate-related financial disclosures.

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    True to our Guiding Principles, we are humble and act with moral and intellectual integrity, keep our word, treat everyone with respect, support our...
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