Where We're Going: Covia 2022 ESG Report

At Covia, we are committed to being more than just a leading provider of high-performance mineral and material solutions – we believe that our company can make a positive difference in the world. This belief is what drives our environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy, which is influenced by both our journey as an organization and the events in the world around us. Our commitment to ESG performance is far-reaching, starting with the Board and Executive Leadership Team and cascading to Team Members across our organization. Through our Goals that Inspire, we are committed to delivering a lasting impact on our business, our people, our planet, and the communities where we live and work – firmly establishing a roadmap for WHERE WE’RE GOING.

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Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Covia Is Digitizing Innovation To Unlock Potential
We believe our investments in technology are crucial for unlocking the full potential of our pipeline. This includes the software we rely on when developing our products and solutions.

Sustainable Development Goals

Covia 2022 ESG Report: Advancing Waste Management Practices
At Covia, we promote waste management practices aimed at reducing the volume of waste we generate, as well as encouraging the responsible handling of such waste.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Covia Partners With Local Schools To Make Community Impact
At Covia, we view education as a vital component of strong communities. In 2022, many of our facilities engaged with local schools to provide educational opportunities, support school programs, and donate time and resources to help meet the essential needs of students.

Sustainable Development Goals

International Efforts To Mitigate Our Climate Footprint
Energy efficiency and emissions reduction have been consistent priorities for Covia over the years, and in 2021, we began adding more data-driven analysis to our efforts.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Covia’s Commitment To Fostering Community Relationships
At Covia, we greatly value the relationships we’ve built with our communities. Meaningful interactions with neighbors, community members, customers, and partners have helped shape our organization, and will continue to inspire and guide WHERE WE’RE GOING.


Covia 2022 ESG Report: Respecting the Land, Protecting Biodiversity
Planning for responsible land use is embedded throughout the life cycle of our operations – from our careful approach to early development and operational planning, to our production phase, all the way through our collaborative reclamation process aimed at protecting, restoring,

Responsible Production & Consumption

Covia 2022 ESG Report: The Importance of Water Conservation
Covia has the privilege of managing a variety of natural resources, which is why conservation and community well-being are deeply embedded in how we operate our mining and processing facilities.


Covia 2022 ESG Report: Committed to Addressing Climate Change
In addition to improving our data collection methods, we closely monitor our year-over-year emissions to guide resource allocation, take corrective action as needed, and ensure we are making progress against our 2030 goal.


Covia 2022 ESG Report: Leveraging Best Practices in Environmental Management
Our dedication to operating sustainably is firmly embedded in our company culture, and we believe that understanding and managing our environmental impact necessarily guides WHERE WE’RE GOING.
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