Supply Chain, Logistics and Manufacturing Processes

Supply Chain, Logistics and Manufacturing Processes

CNH Industrial adopts a responsible approach to the management of its entire supply chain, from small local companies to large multinational organizations, establishing relationships that go beyond commercial transactions, and fostering long-lasting and mutually satisfying partnerships. For CNH Industrial, supply chain sustainability means looking beyond corporate boundaries, strategically and effectively promoting a sense of shared responsibility. CNH Industrial makes its product manufacturing processes more effective, efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly through the application of streamlined systems and technologies, improvements to existing materials and processes, and the development of new materials, systems, processes or techniques. All manufacturing processes, systems, and techniques are required to be technologically suitable, technically feasible, economically viable, and ecofriendly.

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CNH Industrial India Lets the Train Take the Strain, Reducing Road Congestion and Ensuring the Supply of Agricultural Tractors
CNH Industrial India has emerged as the first company in India to export 100 agricultural tractors to Bangladesh in an inaugural run of a freight train from the Inland Container Depot (ICD) in Dadri, India which started on September 2. The 25-wagon freight train carrying the tractors was seen off by Mr. Vikas...
Oct 1, 2020 3:30 PM ET
Harvesting a New Transport Channel
By the Beautiful Blue Danube, title of the most famous waltz ever written, is the bucolic setting for the latest installment in CNH Industrial’s Top Stories series. The article takes the reader on a river journey of discovery across Europe from Passau in Germany to Ruse in Bulgaria to explain how a modern day logistical problem was solved by revisiting one of the oldest means of transport...
Sep 8, 2020 3:00 PM ET
CNH Industrial Harbin Plant Supports Sister Sites by Producing Protective Masks
Determined to provide a secure, high-quality in-house solution to CNH Industrial colleagues around the world, its global agricultural brands the Case IH and...
Aug 14, 2020 2:00 PM ET
A New Approach to Safety
Following a recent analysis of processes in CNH Industrial’s factories, the Company’s health & safety team has launched a two-day safety training program designed to reduce risk and accidents. CNH Industrial N.V. has 67 production facilities across the globe producing agricultural and construction...
Jul 23, 2020 2:00 PM ET
FPT Industrial Is Committed to Making Engine Production Even More Sustainable
FPT Industrial, a global powertrain brand of CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI/ MI: CNH), has visibly changed the area of Foggia, in southern Italy, for the better with their dynamic approach. The brand purchased carbon credits from a company...
Jul 21, 2020 2:00 PM ET


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