PurPle: Purpose + People

PurPle: Purpose + People

What it means to be a good corporate citizen has changed from Green (environment) to Blue (sustainability) to Purple (purpose + people). Tomorrow’s successful PurPle companies and brands will be the ones that work collaboratively with communities, governments, customers and organizations to co-create solutions to the world’s toughest problems. Moving from corporate social responsibility to collaborative social innovation will drive more rapid and meaningful change in society and in business because with collaboration and co-creation comes shared value and a mutually beneficial shared purpose in society.

MSLGROUP’S new PurPle offering is grounded in the new triple bottom line: purpose, participation and performance by putting people at the center of its proprietary strategic communications process that unlocks a company’s true north, ignites movements in society and drives shared value for the company and its stakeholders and communities it serves.

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