MSLGROUP Launches New Global Offering, PurPle (Purpose + People)

MSLGROUP Launches New Global Offering, PurPle (Purpose + People)

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012 - 1:00pm

CAMPAIGN: PurPle: Purpose + People


Scott Beaudoin, Global Director, PurPle, MSLGROUP

Today is an important day for us at MSLGROUP. After years of award winning innovation in cause marketing, sustainability and CSR, and many months of planning, we launch our new global offering, PurPle (Purpose + People).

Here’s why this means so much to me. MSLGROUP’s PurPle represents an evolution of traditional CSR (corporate social responsibility) to CSI (collaborative social innovation). Today, we now have enough experience and expertise in how to leverage new digital tools to enhance our work and engage the right people in the development and execution of purpose-led strategies.

Purpose on its own is not new – it is a brand or company’s reason for being and is often communicated through philanthropy, responsible business practices, and reporting of sustainability goals. Yet, the element of people is often missing. People are vital to informing strategies, engaging with others and inspiring action.

Tomorrow’s successful PurPle companies and brands will be those that drive rapid and meaningful change through collaboration with people to deliver on shared value and a common purpose in society.

MSLGROUP’s PurPle offering fills a need for a collaborative spirit of action at a time when extremism and entrenched opinions have taken root around the globe in the discourse around politics, the economy and the welfare of people.

PurPle will connect our smartest purpose-inspired communications strategists with emerging technology and a platform to collaborate and deliver new solutions that help clients address some of the world’s biggest problems.

In building this offering, our goal was not only to connect the relevant resources from across our global network, but also to identify and fully examine the new dynamic in purpose programs. We believe that our new approach, along with our experiences, make us the best partner to help clients navigate their future.

PurPle will include a range of services including branding, change management, corporate reputation, employee engagement, cause marketing, public affairs, crisis/issues management and social, digital and experiential engagement.

I am thrilled that our vision to launch a global purpose-led offering has come to fruition and our Chief Strategy Officer, Pascal Beucler and our Digital Leader in Asia, Gaurav Mishra flawlessly led us in this undertaking.

Through collaboration with colleagues across our global network, we can develop smarter, more-thoughtful purpose-led global business strategies for our clients.

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