Post-Harvest Loss

One-third of the world’s available food either spoils or gets thrown away before it ever reaches a plate—that’s enough to feed everyone in the world for two months. And with 1.2 billion people food insecure or undernourished, millions of vulnerable smallholder farmers losing profits they can’t spare, and a population expected to increase by 2 billion by 2050, we cannot afford to allow these losses to continue.

Fortunately, food loss and waste are preventable, and solutions already exist. From wider adoption of technologies that keep food fresh longer to models of private sector engagement that ensure farmers have steady buyers for their yields, we can ensure more food gets to more people. 

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Innovation & Technology

Reducing Post-Harvest Loss in the Nigerian Tomato Value Chain
Last year was a highly eventful inaugural year for the YieldWise program in Nigeria as we worked to reduce post-harvest loss in the tomato value chain. We recorded major milestones, but also experienced significant challenges.

Events, Media & Communications

Ethical Corporation Partners with PYXERA Global in Europe – Just Announced!
PYXERA Global is delighted to announce the expansion of its relationship with Ethical Corporation. Building on the momentum of the two organizations’ partnership, this alliance will drive the movement for responsible business, CSR, and sustainability executives to link social purpose to profit.

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How the World Can Cut Food Loss in Half by 2030: #GEFLive TWITTER CHAT
Join the Dow Chemical Company, The Rockefeller Foundation, Feed the Future, and the co-author of the book, Food Foolish, for a Twitter Chat, How the World Can Cut Food Loss in Half by 2030 on Thursday, 1/26, 11:00 am ET at #GEFLive.

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Major Stakeholders Co-Create Unifying Strategy to Address Post-Harvest Loss in Nigeria
Major stakeholders in the Nigerian tomato value chain came together from across the globe for the first-ever YieldWise Partner Planning Session last month. YieldWise, a $130 million dollar initiative launched in 2016 by The Rockefeller Foundation, seeks to demonstrate how the world can halve food loss by 2030, one of the UN’s Global Goals.

Events, Media & Communications

Deirdre White, CEO of PYXERA Global, Gives TEDx Talk on the Solvable Problem of Post-Harvest Loss
Deirdre White, CEO PYXERA Global, gave a TEDx talk on April 9, on the solvable problem of post-harvest loss at the Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart. White’s talk was titled How Will the World Feed 9 Billion People by 2050? and addressed the severity of post-harvest loss and the solutions currently available.

Approximately 40% of all produce is lost between farm and market in less industrialized countries throughout the world.

“At its heart, our approach focuses on behavior change, from how small farmers grow and store their crops to how companies account for food loss and waste across their operations,” said White. “An efficient, productive food system with minimal loss is our goal – and one that is well within reach.”

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

PYXERA Global and Dangote Farms Ltd. Partner to Eliminate Food Loss and Waste
Dangote Farms Limited and PYXERA Global signed a Memorandum of Understanding last week to help reduce food waste and loss in Northern Nigeria. This agreement stems from the YieldWise initiative, a partnership between The Rockefeller Foundation, PYXERA Global and other organizations to reduce post-harvest loss across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Approximately 40% of all produce is lost between farm and market in what is called post-harvest loss. Limited infrastructure and poor transportation and storage creates tremendous economic damage to emerging economies and preventable hunger.

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    One-third of the world’s available food either spoils or gets thrown away before it ever reaches a plate—that’s enough to feed everyone in the world...
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