Maximizing Impact Through Workforce Development and Education

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When we set out to make a difference, we strive to maximize impact. We want our funds and our efforts to have the biggest return they can. Deloitte has centered on two key areas where it can leverage its strengths as a business service provider to have a positive impact for the long term on the communities in which it operates: education and workforce development.

Through this series on TriplePundit, we’ll explore these leverage points to understand why they are so powerful as levers to drive economic and social improvements and identify some innovative programs that are showing results.

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The Future of Education Is More About Learning, Less About Teaching

Social Impact & Volunteering

Why Transformative Volunteering Is Good Citizenship
Frequently, volunteer experiences are episodic events that provide vital support to organizations, but what if more resources could be used to boost the impact we can have as volunteers, and forge sustainable relationships?


What Skills Do Young People Need to Succeed?
Many businesses face a common challenge these days: Finding enough qualified workers for an increasingly technical workplace. According to, by 2020 there will be as many as 1 million more computer jobs available than there will be skilled applicants.

Diversity & Inclusion

Deloitte | Women Can Soar When the Mentored Become Mentors
This is graduation season, and along with the nearly four million postsecondary degrees being handed out, new graduates are getting a lot of good advice from commencement speakers and loved ones. Allow me to add one more piece of advice, and it’s a simple one to remember: Keep building your network of mentors, advisors and sponsors. The people who gave you good advice about the right professional track, coursework and summer jobs and internships are often the same people who can help you as your professional life gets l


Deloitte’s RightStep Helps Kids Stay on the College Path
Countless studies have shown that individuals with a college degree will do much better financially over the course of their careers than those without. That’s good news for those who graduate college, especially as the degree will be required for the bulk of new jobs the U.S. economy will create in the coming years.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Deloitte Survey: Employees Need to Know Volunteerism Matters
An increasing number of businesses are discovering that volunteerism is an important part of their corporate social responsibility program. It’s not only good for the local community and improves the corporate brand, but it’s a powerful tool for increasing engagement in the workplace.

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