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We’re excited to bring you a new blog series Impact at Work, where we will be spotlighting our corporate and nonprofit partners to showcase the long-term impact of pro bono!

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Social Impact & Volunteering

Leveraging Skills-Based Volunteering to Promote Mental Health During COVID-19
Nonprofit East Boston Social Centers leveraged the skills-based volunteering support of Common Impact & Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts to promote staff's mental health during COVID-19. A new case study explores the partnership and outcomes.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Impact at Work: Attracting Talent to Support Financial Education for California Youth
I had the exciting opportunity to interview Amiko Foster of Youth Finance Institute of America (YFIA), a California-based nonprofit that provides personal finance education programs designed to teach finance life skills to youth in disadvantaged areas. Since launching their program in 2015, YFIA’s entirely volunteer-based staff has been able to serve over 1200 youth to date.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Supporting Veterans Through Skilled Service
This week we celebrate Veteran’s Day and as a tribute to the people who serve in our military, we are showcasing a skills-based volunteer project that supports veteran-owned small businesses. Based in Austin, TX, PeopleFund is an organization that creates economic opportunity and financial stability for underserved entrepreneurs in Texas. Their work touches women, minorities, ex-offenders, members of the LGBT community and veterans by providing access to capital, education and resources to build healthy small businesses and, in the process, improve economic mobility for their families and the community.


Turning Data into Stories: S&P Global Volunteers & SARA Share Community Impact
In June, Common Impact worked with our corporate partner S&P Global to deploy a team of skilled volunteers in Charlottesville, VA. The volunteer team was eager to share their expertise in data management with a nonprofit partner seeking to better communicate their stories of impact through data. SARA or the Sexual Assault Recovery Agency was excited to work with S&P experts to help organize their existing metrics and identify key data to highlight the effectiveness and importance of their prevention and response activities.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Impact at Work: Mission Economic Development Agency Project Spotlight
In June 2017, Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) reached out to Common Impact to engage the support of a skilled volunteer team in achieving an important but challenging organizational goal – one that many nonprofit organizations are similarly striving to attain. MEDA's mission is to strengthen low- and moderate-income Latino families by promoting economic equity and social justice through asset building and community development. To ensure their work would be truly impactful and align with core themes in racial justice, MEDA’s leadership aimed to create a workplace that was reflective of the community it served.

Diversity & Inclusion

Building Capacity for STEM Nonprofits
Around the world, employers are seeking highly-skilled workers to take on existing and emerging roles in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, also known as STEM. Workforce development and education, particularly as related to STEM, are two of the largest focus areas for corporate and foundation giving as well as two of the largest mission focuses for nonprofits, according to the CECP’s 2017 Giving in Numbers report. Yet, even given this great investment, gaps in STEM education still exist, leaving both employers and students without the critical thinking and analytical problem-solving skills sorely needed in our ever-changing global economy.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Impact at Work: An Interview With Tim Smith From The Boston Foundation and Pledge 1% Boston
Another one of our favorite communities of practice is the Pledge 1% initiative, pioneered by Pledge 1% is a global movement that encourages and challenges both individuals and companies to Pledge 1% of equity, profit, product, and time for their communities. I had the exciting opportunity to speak with Tim Smith, Head of Pledge 1% Boston and Senior Director at The Boston Foundation to learn about the newest trends in philanthropy and the unique role he plays in driving change in his local community.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Impact at Work: An Interview With May Malik From NYC Service
Last week, we released a blog post on some of our favorites communities of practice that bring diverse professionals together across sectors to achieve maximum business and social value in their communities. As a follow-up, I had the pleasure of interviewing May Malik, Director of Public-Private Partnerships at NYC Service who has an infectious passion for service and a unique vantage point from her role in the public sector.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Impact at Work: WakeEd Partnership Project Spotlight
I had the exciting opportunity to interview Nancy Merritt and Tim Lavallee of WakeEd Partnership (WakeEd), a nonprofit organization in Raleigh, North Carolina that engages, informs, and mobilizes the business community and community-at-large in collaboration with the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) to provide every student with excellent educational opportunities, highly effective teachers, and strong leaders.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Impact at Work: New Hope Housing Project Spotlight
Today we’re highlighting a project with a talented team of volunteers from JPMorgan Chase and its nonprofit partner, New Hope Housing, Inc., whose mission is to provide low-income vulnerable families and individuals high-quality affordable housing and the tools to build a better life. In 2016, Common Impact paired New Hope Housing with a team of HR professionals from JPMorgan Chase in Houston, TX to review and enhance their current employee performance review process to improve greater consistency in deployment.

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