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We're always thinking, reading, and talking about skills-based volunteering and social impact.

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Social Impact & Volunteering

Redefining Workplace Engagement: From Casual Collisions to Conscious Connections
Companies have been grasping at straws to figure out how to support teams, boost engagement, and strengthen outcomes. How can organizations maintain team cohesion and connectivity in an online work environment, and what strategies or tools are best for achieving this?

Social Impact & Volunteering

Fostering Change During Black Philanthropy Month and Beyond
Black-led nonprofits remain underfunded by donors compared to white-led organizations. Learn how collaborating with partners across philanthropy, business, and communities can advance justice and equitable opportunity.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Championing Cross-Sector Partnerships
By leveraging our collective expertise, cross-sector partnerships can accelerate solutions to our most pressing social challenges. Maintaining successful nonprofit-corporate partnerships requires ongoing effort and attention.

Social Impact & Volunteering

How Your Company Can Take Climate Action Now
Be part of the movement toward a cleaner, safer future. Encourage your employer to put the considerable weight of their resources, capital, and talent behind climate action by taking part in skills-based volunteering with sustainability nonprofits.

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    We're always thinking, reading, and talking about skills-based volunteering and social impact.
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