IBM 2015 Corporate Responsiblity Report

Welcome to IBM's 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report. In this report, we detail the many ways in which IBM contributes our time, technology and expertise toward making the world a better place.

IBM has been in business for 105 years, a length of time that speaks to the sustainability of our business practices and to our ability to transform ourselves as markets and industries change. Our definition of corporate responsibility includes such diverse aspects as environmental responsibility; social responsibility to our workforce, clients and business partners; innovation to address critical societal needs in the communities in which we operate; and a culture of ethics and integrity — guided by a rigorous system of corporate governance — that promotes transparency on a global basis.

At IBM, corporate responsibility is about demonstrating what we believe in through the actions we take, the examples we set and the priorities that guide us. In this report, you will see what this looks like in practice — how we integrate both our citizenship and business strategies, driving systemic societal transformation across every dimension of our engagement with civil society.

About the IBM Corporate Responsibility Report:

       Communities - We strive to support and improve the communities in which we live and work.

       The IBMer - Our success is predicated on the personal and professional growth of our employees.

       Environment - Our commitment to environmental protection spans all our business activities worldwide. 

       Supply Chain – We required social and environmental responsibility throughout our supply chain.

       Governance – IBM maintains a rigorous, comprehensive and adaptable system of corporate governance.

See examples not just in programs, but in the passion and innovation of individuals in our 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report.

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IBM Recognized As “Early Leader” in CO2 Emissions Reduction Goals
IBM has been taking aggressive actions against climate change since the 1990s, and recently was recognized by the World Wildlife Fund’s senior director of climate and renewable energy as an “early leader” in efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Transparency and Trust in the Cognitive Era
We are in the early days of a promising new technology, and of the new era to which it is giving birth. This technology is as radically different from the programmable systems that have been produced by the IT industry for half a century as those systems were from the tabulators that preceded them.

Diversity & Inclusion

A New Symbol of IBM’s Diversity Leadership
IBM is proud of our long-standing commitment to fostering diversity, acceptance and inclusion. We strongly oppose discrimination of any kind toward anyone. IBM firmly stands by all of our employees and strives to attract, retain and grow the very best and brightest diverse talent to fulfill our company’s purpose — to be essential.


Who Are Today's "Hidden Figures"?

Diversity & Inclusion

From Military Service to Data Analyst
On Citizen IBM, Global Citizenship Initiatives Vice President Diane Melley writes about how IBM and our public- and private-sector partners are helping veterans successfully apply their technological and leadership-based skill sets to serve as data analysts within some of America's largest and fastest-growing industries.

Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

How IBM and Stop the Traffik Are Taking on the Traffickers with Technology
No matter their size, sector, location or scope, no business can ignore human rights. Their scope is wide, covering everything from the right to education to access to water, but one issue in particular is now the most pressing cause of human rights abuses across the world – human trafficking.


IBM and Shaw University: An EPIC Partnership
Read what the President of Shaw University has to say about how IBM’s pioneering Impact Grant for Strategic Planning has opened the door to future relationships between large corporations and HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges & Universities).

Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

Intelligence Will Win the War on Human Trafficking
STOP THE TRAFFIK (STT), an organization dedicated to ending human trafficking, believes that intelligence and analytics can help stop what has become the world’s fastest growing criminal industry.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

IBM and the Evolution of Corporate Citizenship
Corporate citizenship has always been integral to IBM’s business strategy, and has evolved under the successive leadership of CEOs dedicated to maintaining the company’s values and commitments to service.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Understanding the Importance of Small Businesses
Small businesses are critical to the American economy, and are particularly important to driving and sustaining economic development in low-income communities.

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