Herbalife Nutrition | Environmental Sustainability

Herbalife Nutrition | Environmental Sustainability

Product Stewardship
A brand strength is the efficacy, quality and safety of our global product portfolio. Nearly 5 million Herbalife Nutrition meal replacement shakes, as well as other nutrition products, are consumed every day around the world and allare held to a uniform global standard for quality and compliance with government regulations across 94 markets. The Company has invested $300 million in manufacturing and quality programs to ensure the highest quality products. In 2019, Herbalife Nutrition was recognized with more than a dozen awards for quality, efficacy, brand value, innovation and consumer trust.We seek to provide the highest quality products to our Members and their customers through our “seed to feed” strategy, which includes significant investments in quality ingredients from traceable sources, scientific personnel and rigorous product testing.

Responsible Supply Chain
Our seed to feed strategy is rooted in using quality ingredients from traceable sources. We only work with suppliers who share our standards for product quality and efficacy and support our mission for the best nutrition and weight management products in the world. Our Supplier Code of Conduct focuses on three key areas: social and human rights; high quality products and safe environment; and, compliance, governance and integrity. As with our product quality philosophy, we view our environmental footprint through a product lifecycle lens that extends from seed to feed and are focused on three key areas:

Environmental Impact of Plant-Based Protein
Food requirements are expected to double by 2050 when the global population surpasses 9 billion. Protein requirements alone will increase 74 percent. With animal-based protein a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, we believe it is imperative to provide convenient, affordable and sustainable sources of protein. The number-one ingredient in many of our products is plant-based protein derived from soy, including the majority of formulations of Formula 1, our flagship product.

Environmental Initiatives
As with our product quality philosophy, we view our environmental footprint through a product lifecycle lens that extends from seed to feed and are focused on three key areas including sourcing, operations and product packaging.

Read more about our Environmental Sustainability at IAmHerbalifeNutrition.com

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