The Future Of The CSO

An Interview Series Designed to Educate & Inspire the Next Generation of Sustainability Leaders

As society continues to navigate the climate crisis, the role of a Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) has never been more urgent or important. Today's CSO is expected to assess risk and build resilience, identify emerging opportunities, and influence the thinking and behaviour of businesses, investors, governments and regulators - all for the better.  

Part of understanding and strengthening this ever-evolving role means unpacking the skillset required and the challenge's faced. With that, Acre has launched a series of interviews with Sustainability leaders across different industries and from around the world to share their perspectives on the current and future role of the CSO.  ​

With each interview conducted virtually, the sustainability leaders took part in a conversation with Marks and Spencer’s Former CSO Mike Barry, alongside a representee from Acre to explore three main topics:

  • The Evolution of the CSO's Role: How has the role and the sustainability leadership landscape developed over the last 3 years and how will it change in the coming 5 years?
  • The Skillset Required: What advice would you give to anyone aspiring to become a CSO? What skillsets and networks are needed to become future change-makers?
  • Reflection on COP26: Reflecting on COP26, what’s next for tackling the climate crisis?

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Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Low Talent Levels Threatening Climate Crisis Targets
Low staffing levels in the natural environment sector is threatening climate crisis targets, according to a new study.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

New Business Demands Give Rise to the Fractional CSO
​The world is changing rapidly. With the escalation of climate change and social pressures taking center stage, businesses remain a key stakeholder in making critical progress on these topics.

Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

The EU Taxonomy: Monstrosity or Chance of ‘Hero Role’ for the CFO? • With Commentary From Acre’s Harco Leertouwer
The EU Taxonomy came into effect on January 1, 2022; the classification system that indicates whether an activity or investment is sustainable. The aim is to make the economy more sustainable by redirecting cash flows to demonstrably sustainable activities.

Sustainable Development Goals

Episode 4 • Outsourced Chief Sustainability Officer Asia • The Future of the CSO • APAC • Dr Darian McBain
As the role of the chief sustainability officer (CSO) continues to evolve at pace, we are working closely with our network of sustainability leaders to share practical insights into the skills, knowledge and expertise that will be required for the future of the profession.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Green Guru or Strategic Savant: Singapore Companies Make Tough Choices in CSO Hires
​​​​In a recent article for the Business Times, Acre's Head of Sustainable Business, APAC, Greg Brittian, discusses the different paths companies can take when hiring sustainability leaders, as well as the trending skills associated with CSOs.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Can CSOs Solve the Climate Crisis?
In this guest article, Marie Cloherty, Executive Director of Sustainable Business at Acre, discusses what can be done following last year’s COP27 and the lack of action against the climate crisis.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Episode 3 • Vitasoy International • The Future of the CSO • APAC
This year, we've teamed up with Patricia Dwyer, Founder and Director at The Purpose Business and former CSO for the Shangri-La Hotels, to interview sustainability leaders across Asia, and gather their insights on what it takes to be a CSO in the region.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Episode 2 • the Digital Standards Initiative • the Future of the CSO • APAC
‘The Future of the CSO - APAC’ series will bring you an in-depth understanding of how the role has changed, how it will continue to evolve, the skillsets required and the challenges that will be faced.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

The Future of the CSO - APAC | UOB | Episode 1
Acre has teamed up with Pat Dwyer to launch the 2nd series of the 'Future of the CSO' and this time, we are focusing on interviews with Sustainability leaders across Asia Pacific who share their perspectives on the current and future role of the CSO.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Why More UK Firms Should Appoint Chief Sustainability Officers - Written by Acre's Marie Cloherty for Green Business
Acre has found that whilst the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) role has taken off in North America and in several EMEA regions, businesses in the UK are not adopting the stand-alone CSO role with the same aplomb.
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