Food and Agriculture

Food and Agriculture

The profitability of the world’s largest food and agribusiness companies depends on secure access to a reliable supply of commodities, but this secure supply base is increasingly in jeopardy due to climate change, water scarcity, deforestation, and other sustainability issues.

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Two Major Companies Announce New Agwater Challenge Commitments to Improve Water Stewardship and Sustainable Agriculture
March 9, 2021, /3BL Media/ - Bold commitments moving towards positive water impacts come months after Ceres and the World Wildlife Fund release a new pathway for companies to improve soil health and nutrient management practices for key commodities produced in high-risk watersheds.  Two major agricultural giants, representing 12 billion USD in annual revenue, announced new...
Mar 9, 2021 10:40 AM ET
Investors Press Fast Food Giants to Move Faster and Bolder on Climate and Water Risk Management, One Year Into $11 Trillion Engagement
Investor coalition nearly doubles in a year from $6.5 to more than $11.4 trillion of combined assets under management.   Among six companies, two have publicly committed to science-based climate targets, two have intentions to set emissions reduction targets, one has undertaken a water risk...
Jan 27, 2020 5:25 PM ET
The IPCC Climate Change and Land Report: Three Things Every Investor Should Know
Resource scarcity in our globalized economy jeopardizes the abundance of countless goods, but one resource — as spotlighted by the recent coverage of the fires in the Amazon — underpins them all: land. As investors look at land-based portfolio risks, the agriculture sector is at the center of their attention. This focus makes sense. As outlined in the IPCC’s...
Sep 11, 2019 1:25 PM ET


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