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Promoting healthy behavior has the potential to lead to more productive, satisfied and engaged employees, and can help to reduce the risks of more serious health issues and associated costs. Employees also value workplace wellness initiatives and office environments that support their health and well-being. Our understanding of the human architecture interface enables our team to contribute value by creating the ideal workplace for learning, heightened focus, increased productivity, and meaningful collaboration.

Learn more about Delos and its work to enhance health and well- being in commercial office projects.

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Health & Healthcare

Healthy Aging and the Critical Importance of Indoor Air Quality
Delos’ WISE initiative, in collaboration with senior living industry leaders, focuses on the impact of indoor environments on senior health and well-being.

Health & Healthcare

The New Rules for Wellness at Meetings & Events
“Wellness is no longer a luxury to include—it’s a must-have,” says Peter Scialla, president and COO of global wellness and real estate tech company Delos.

Innovation & Technology

Delos Special Report: A HEPA Filter Does Not Guarantee HEPA Efficiency Outcomes in Portable Air Purifiers
Delos, a wellness real-estate and technology company, commissioned LMS Technologies, Inc., an independent, accredited laboratory to test five readily available consumer air purification devices with a HEPA filter inside them.

Events, Media & Communications

Webinar: Explore Best-in-Class Air Purification Solutions for Return to Classrooms
Delos has already provided over 150,000 units across more than 100 school districts that represent approximately 2.7 million students across the country, including some of the largest such as New York City, Chicago, Miami-Dade and Baltimore.

Green Infrastructure

Delos | Health Promotion and Financial Investment: Jeannie Renne-Malone From Prologis
Environmental, Social, and Governance reporting has become a hot topic for publicly traded companies around the world. We sat down with Jeannie Renne-Malone, Vice President of Sustainability at Prologis, a logistics real estate firm, to discuss her views on ESG reporting and how integration of new health and well-being questions are helping push their sustainability program to new heights.

Green Infrastructure

Delos | Health Promotion and Financial Investment: Sarah Clarke and David Palin From Mirvac
Mirvac has turned their new Sydney headquarters at 200 George Street into a living lab outfitted with sensors that collect building data on everything from vibrations to façade temperature. The space reflects the group’s passionate curiosity in sustainable, healthy buildings – and their desire to transform knowledge directly into action. We spoke to both Sarah Clarke, Group General Manager, Sustainability and Reputation and David Palin, Sustainability Manager who explain how continuous learning, transparency, and trust are helping them stand out as leaders in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting.

Health & Healthcare

Building a Business-led Culture of Health and Food Security
Workplace wellness can be a heavy lift for companies everywhere. In addition to the initial investment, companies must ensure employee participation and effectiveness to attain the desired outcomes. Yet 70% of healthcare costs in America are affected by the environments in which people live and work. So dropping these programs entirely isn’t a financially or socially viable option, either.

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