Cadence Academic Network and Education

Cadence Academic Network
Introducing Intelligent System Design technology to the academic community

STUDENTS—Leverage the benefits of the Cadence Academic Network to get trained and certified on Intelligent System Design technologies, learning needed Computational Software skills for a seamless transition into industry

EDUCATORS—Cultivate the next generation of innovators and enrich your teaching by introducing Cadence Intelligent System Design technology provided by the Cadence Academic Network into your classroom

RESEARCHERS—Partner with the Cadence Academic Network to unleash your imagination and make cutting-edge discoveries using Cadence Intelligent System Design technology

ENTREPRENEURS—Disrupt the technology industry through your innovations! Learn how the Cadence Academic Network enables you to realize your silicon from idea to reality

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UTA Is Bringing Hypersonic Travel with Fidelity Pointwise
Today, Fidelity Pointwise is supporting UTA’s students very well, thanks to its online learning platform that helps smoothen the learning curve.


Cadence Investing in Innovation — Student Design Teams
Student teams working together to tackle technical challenges and find innovative solutions are the future of the electronics industry. That’s why the Cadence Academic Network is committed to providing the tools and training needed to accelerate these teams to the finish line.


Cadence on Campus - UC Berkeley
The Cadence Academic Network is collaborating with universities to build deeper connections between our business focus areas and academia.


Penn Electric Racing Revs Up with Cadence Celsius Thermal Solver and AWR Software Products
For over 40 years, Formula SAE Student Competition has been preparing students for an industry career by giving them hands-on experience to develop their soft skills, foster teamwork, and practice solving real-world mobility industry problems.

Innovation & Technology

Michigan Electric Boat Propels the Naval Industry With Cadence CFD Tools, Including Fine Marine
The University of Michigan’s electric boat racing team is propelling the next generation of the naval industry forward with Cadence CFD tools, including Fine Marine.

Green Infrastructure

AeroDelft Takes Measures Against Climate Change With the Help of Cadence Fidelity and OnCloud
AeroDelft takes measures against climate change with cleaner transport by developing a liquid hydrogen-powered aircraft with the help of Cadence Fidelity and OnCloud.

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    Cadence Academic NetworkIntroducing Intelligent System Design technology to the academic communitySTUDENTS—Leverage the benefits of the Cadence...
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