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Responsible Production & Consumption

Investing in Green Energy: Opportunities for Renewable Diesel | Booster
A recent study by the IEA found that spending on clean energy technology like renewable diesel is quickly rising compared to spending on fossil fuels. This shift is driven by the growing concern over the cost and safety of fossil fuels, particularly in light of the global energy.


Renewable Diesel: A Convenient Way To Control Pollution | BOOSTER
Renewable diesel is gaining attention for its environmental benefits. It dramatically reduces emissions when compared to regular diesel. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center notes its cleaner profile.


Booster’s Mobile Fuel Delivery Lowers Last-Mile Fleet Emissions
For last-mile fleets, decarbonized solutions must be simple and practical to implement into existing operations. As the last-mile delivery market grows, fleet managers can combine mobile fuel delivery, data analytics and renewable fuels, to work toward a carbon-neutral fleets.

Sustainable Development Goals

Zero-Emission Trucks Have Arrived; Mobile Energy Hubs Can Drive Adoption
While medium- and heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers like Nikola, Hyundai, Peterbilt continue to develop decarbonization solutions, Booster works to support the rapidly evolving zero-emissions trucking landscape with mobile clean energy solutions.


Sustainable Fuels Offer Immediate Emissions Reductions to Fleets While They Electrify
Sustainable fuels offer immediate carbon reductions to fleets as they embark on the iterative transition to electric vehicle fleets.

Innovation & Technology

With Mobile Fueling, Decarbonizing Fleets Can Also Lower Costs
In a recent article for Automotive Fleet magazine, Ericka Ramon, VP of account management at Booster®, explains how mobile fueling can decarbonize fleets while saving fleet managers money.


Decarbonizing Fleets With Renewable Diesel
Fleet managers seeking for immediate, efficient emissions reductions should look to renewable diesel paired with mobile fueling.
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