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The average American household spent $688 on back to school supplies last year, for a total of $29.5 billion nationwide. This year, let's put those dollars to work. Your lunch, outfit, and after-school snack can help fund initiatives like installing air conditioning in an elementary school in Mexico and offering computer classes at a community center in Costa Rica. The power of your purchase makes Fair Trade a key ingredient in the ultimate back to school send-off. The little things, like Fair Trade Certified™ berries in your lunchbox or Fair Trade clothes in your closet, create learning opportunities for the whole world.

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6 Times Fair Trade Funds Supported Education
Look at any community around the world that works with Fair Trade, from the smallest village in Uganda, to a coastal fishing town in Mexico, and you'll see that no two have the same exact set of needs. That’s why Fair Trade USA leaves power in the hands of committees of farmers and workers to decide for themselves how the additional funds earned through Fair Trade—called Community Development Funds—will be spent. Regardless of those unique challenges, many see education as the most promising solution. Our neighbors around the world are longing to write a better future for themselves and their children by creating opportunities to learn and grow.
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