Business Value of Pro Bono: Develop Talent and Build Leaders

See how Prudential Financial, Inc. connects their pro bono programs to the bottom line
Nov 7, 2017 1:15 PM ET

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Pro bono service is a powerful way to drive social change. Yet, many corporate employees looking to bring pro bono service to their company struggle to get buy-in from leadership and other key stakeholders. Although these stakeholders may understand the social value of pro bono, they don't always see the business value. 

That's why Taproot developed the Business Value of Pro Bono, a new resource for the field that outlines six common business objectives that pro bono can help support. 


The way we develop corporate talent is changing.
Companies recognize that real-world opportunities to apply desired leadership competencies are critical for building the skills that employees need to be effective in their roles. How can pro bono make an impact? Pro bono helps companies... develop talent, prepare leaders for a new work environment, and respond to workforce demand.

Prudential's Pro Bono Approach: 
Prudential Financial, Inc.'s Office of Corporate Social Responsibility and Talent Management team worked closely with Taproot to develop a pro bono program called the Pro Bono Marathon. Their partnership enables Prudential to place high-potential leaders on projects that optimize their learning while making an impact for a nonprofit client. 

In Prudential's Words...
"At Prudential, our talent is our most important resource. Pro bono service is such a powerful way to engage and equip our emerging leaders with the conficence, agility, and experience that their jobs will increasingly demand." 
-Jana Fallon, Lead HR Business Partner at Prudential Financial, Inc.

Check out the Business Value of Pro Bono and explore how to connect your pro bono programs to the bottom line.